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About us

Our staff has accumulated over 220 years of professional experience in organizing various exhibitions, social events, interior design, and consulting.

All this experience is concentrated, in order to provide a service, starting from a basic idea and ending with an event, perfectly tailored to the expectations of our clients. We do all this regardless to the magnitude of the event, whether it’s the Promi Ball in Berlin, or a 9m2 exhibition area, in Cologne. We can fulfill your expectations in all situations. We never cross the deadline. We will never disappoint you. We will provide you with professional consulting, all the way to success, starting from the beginning and even after the actual event. Your greatest advantage is that you get all your wishes fulfilled by dealing with only one partner.

We are represented in Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Cologne) and Romania (Miercurea Ciuc). We are prepared to provide our full services in the new EU countries, keeping the same level of professionalism as in the western area. We take orders from all Europe, providing a high quality service that includes: floor preparing (carpet, PVC isolation, more than 5 types of special floor solutions, layer varying from 1,6 - 2 cm, using laminated structures (Octanorm, Mero, Steel-Tec, Quadlite, Maxima, and traditional solutions), ptimizing area lighting, projecting and executing graphic design elements, using 3D alphabetical system, illuminated advertising boxes, columns, including digital printing solutions. All this provided by a single partner, tailored to your needs. And this is not all. If we would like to present all the services that we provide for our clients, the extent of this webpage would be hardly enough, and probably you would not read it.

We would be glad if you would use our experience and state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the service you need. We guarantee that this would be to your advantage.